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We promote better mental and behavioral health.

Wellness Behavioral Health is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of quality Mental Health Skill-Building Services to older adolescents and adults (and their families) in Chesapeake and the surrounding communities. These services are delivered in a sensitive and empathic method scheduled in the clients’ home at their convenience. We take pride in knowing exactly what our clients’ needs and wants are by spending the time and gently assessing each individual’s history and future plans to help them establish a fulfilling satisfying lifestyle.

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Our Mental Health Skill-building strategies are tailored for older adolescents and adults who are at risk of returning to inpatient treatment facilities and/or re-incarceration. The Goals then, are to assist and support the stabilization of mental health functioning (in conjunction with other treating professionals) and also for those with co-morbid substance abuse problems by:

1. Promoting Effective Communication and support group availability (through family members and other community service providers).
2. Increase Daily Living coping skills.
3. Teach Conflict Resolutions techniques to manage stress and anger.
4. Decrease the need for hospital/jail placements due to Stress-Based Acting-Out.

The Aim of these services is to increase the consumer’s overall adaptive functioning and independence within their communities (and with families), including money management, health maintenance, appropriate social relationships, and personal safety.

The Wellness Behavioral Health Philosophy is based on the belief that individuals with mental health and incarceration histories can be safely reintegrated into their communities and/or returned to their families, improve their functioning, and remain productive members of their social environments and home-life again.

Wellness Behavioral Health Capability Statement

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